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If there was a way to lower your annual utility expenses you would want to know about it, right?

Make the big power players fight for your patronage. Imagine presenting thousands of power bills and making them fight over who can offer a better deal.

What does it cost you? Absolutely nothing – if we can get you a better price, we will – but if not you haven’t lost anything. You can only win.

Getting households, businesses and groups together – forming a large pool of customers – increased bargaining power.

Pooling customer bills together would enable us to negotiate with power suppliers with a single voice. This “big” order is then used to get a bulk discount. This way even small businesses, body corporates and other buying groups, would be able to get rates usually reserved for large corporations.

The problem is energy bills are essential expenses and not something that can easily be done without. Consumers can now join and get the group buying negotiation advantage, where we all get together, create a big bill and negotiate with energy suppliers with the same “might” as the big corporations.


“If you can “Monitor” you can “Measure” and hence “Manage” the amount of energy you use.

At present very few people know exactly how much energy they consume on a daily basis. If they had a visual and accurate way to monitor this, in their homes, they would be better equipped and able to control their daily usage”.

There is a device is in the form of an electricity monitor similar to an alarm panel in size that can be placed anywhere within the home. The monitor itself is not new technology – it is used worldwide with Australia being one of the few countries not yet fully availing itself to the technology.

The monitor not only allows households and businesses to see in real time how much they use, it also allows them to budget, to manage their bills. This also arms them with accurate readings ensuring incorrect billing from energy companies no longer goes unnoticed and can now actually be contested.

Most meters are electro-mechanical and need annual calibrations to remain accurate, but no-one has been doing that.

Our solution includes a pay-as-you-go monitor for Australian energy users – business and residential. This takes the budgeting and bill surprise worries away.

So now what? Visit our Prepaid Power Community.